Gold Crochet Bohemian Earrings by ELS London. Featured on Beadworthy

Gold Crochet Bohemian Earrings

Sourced from ELS London. These beautiful bohemian style earrings have been crocheted together using a gorgeous shimmering gold thread and

Boho Tribal Chic Earrings - Yahya Jewelry - Beadworthy

Boho Tribal Chic Earrings

Sourced from Yahya Jewelry. These Boho style geometric earrings have been made in Kenya using traditional, time-honored techniques. Featuring hand-cut textured

Black Onyx Dragonfly Earrings - Sofia's Bijoux - Beadworthy

Black Onyx Dragonfly Earrings

Sourced from Sofia’s Bijoux. These glamorous art decò style earrings have been handmade using black faceted onyx beads, green jade and golden detailed