Have you created something beadworthy lately (or know someone that has)? Share your work with fellow beaders, jewelry artists and enthusiasts by submitting projects for consideration. New beadworthy posts are published most days!

The purpose of this site is to showcase the creativeness of talented beaders and jewelry-makers with a view to inspiring others. With that in mind, submissions should be jewelry related, high quality and inspirational.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that jewelry pieces need to be complicated or advanced, but accepted submissions will look interesting and have some kind of wow factor about them. After all that’s what will make them beadworthy and showcasing the best of beading is what this site is about. So before submitting a project, please check that you can meet the following criteria!

Submission criteria

  • Submissions must be of handmade pieces – high quality and inspirational.
  • Square photos work best on this site.
  • Photos for submissions MUST be good quality, well presented and have good lighting. Low quality or shadowy images can’t be accepted. Make sure your photos don’t have too much text on which distracts the viewer from your amazing jewelry!
  • Tutorials and patterns can be submitted as well as jewelry pieces / hair accessories.
  • You can submit work which links to your blog, shop or Etsy listing.
  • Please ensure you share only your own work/images or have permission from the artist to do so.
  • Links to third party advertisers won’t be accepted.
  • Submissions must be fairly recent i.e in the last couple of months.
  • To ensure the submissions process is fair, Beadworthy will accept a maximum of three submissons per month per artist – this way Beadworthy will be able to showcase a wide variety of jewelry artists.
  • If your work is featured, please link back to this site and mention Beadworthy on social media.

How to submit a project

To submit something beadworthy, the process is very straightforward and requires little work on your part. Simply fill in the form below and make sure the URL you include points directly to the jewelry related piece that you want to submit to avoid confusion.

If your submission is accepted, Beadworthy curates the image directly from the URL and resizes it so it can be featured on this site. The description you include in the form will be the one that gets published. Descriptions will be altered if they contain spelling or grammar errors.

Please note that not all submissions will be accepted. You’ll be notified either way if your submission is accepted or declined (along with a reason if it’s the latter)! If your submission is declined, please try again in the future!

*By submitting a project for consideration, you’re giving your explicit permission for the image of your work to be shared on this site. Please note that images will be resized to a thumbnail of 255 x 255 pixels when published in order to respect the work and copyright of the artist.

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